In case you missed my five-part series on the “Key Components of a CX Framework” and are looking for the links, here they are:
Part 1: Set the Stage: create awareness and get buy-in, not only from the top but from across the organization
Part 2: Define CX:  outline the customer experience from a variety of angles
Part 3: Gather Data:  this stage is about more than just surveys; it’s about any and all data that pertains to the customer and the customer experience
Part 4: Engage Employees: remember that the employee experience drives the customer experience – if your employees aren’t happily engaged, it will be very difficult for them to delight your customers
Part 5: Put it to Work: time to centralize, socialize, analyze, strategize, and operationalize – transform the organization
Components of CX Framework
I’d love to hear your thoughts on the full series. Stay tuned for more-detailed posts on various items mentioned within each component.  Lots more to come in 2012!