Today Im pleased to present a guest post by Erica Bell.

The customer experience is what keeps customers coming back. While customer service, products, and brand reputation all influence a consumer’s decision, these are only part of what turns a first-time buyer into a loyal customer. Every business looks for ways to manage their customers, create audience-targeted marketing campaigns, and appeal to new audiences. One software solution many businesses don’t make the most of is their CRM or sales software. Businesses can use this software to collect not only customer information but also their feedback to enhance the experience.

Collect Call Center Feedback

The first step in enhancing the customer experience is determining where your business currently stands. Use your CRM software to collect/store customer feedback. Anytime a customer writes in or hops on the phone to get in touch with your customer service call center, make sure information beyond the basic is being recorded. Customer service representatives need to be asking customers how your product or service made them feel – a form of Voice of the Customer through the Employee (VOCE). The customer experience is all about the emotions a customer experiences when they interact with your brand. Whether it’s via social media or in-store, it shouldn’t matter. If a customer is calling or emailing your business, always ask about their experience. You can find areas for improvement and then determine what improvement strategies will yield the greatest ROI.

Integrate with Social
Your customers are using social media; you must be, too. You need to integrate your CRM software with the conversations going on about your business and your brand on social media. There are a number of software applications that can help you with social listening. Once you’ve determined what is being said about your business and by whom, make sure to record the information into your CRM system so you can determine what trends are taking place. Are customers satisfied or upset with a certain product? Do they like your website’s ease of use? Use your software to create a report that lists what common complaints and praises customers have of your business. Social conversations are just another customer listening post; listening to customers on social media allows you to
determine where your business can improve – on social networks and in other aspects of the business.

Evaluate Your Team
Which call center representatives are leaving customers with smiles on their faces from great service and a great experience and which aren’t? Train your team well and remind them every now and then that each call, email, or tweet impacts the customer’s experience. While a high turnover rate is not something a business wants to deal with, you should be making sure that your employees are the best.  Use your CRM software to automate follow-ups that ask customers to evaluate their interactions with your customer care team. Again, the customer experience is about how a customer feels when interacting with your business. Your customer care team is the front line and should be making customers feel comfortable when ordering or satisfied when a problem is resolved. 

CRM software has to bring all of your team members and other organization departments together, allow them to work together, and facilitate access to, and action based on, customer data. Any time a customer contacts your business, whether it’s an email, call or Facebook post, record the information. Your CRM software can provide your business with insight into trends, what’s working and what’s not, and help with analysis when making decisions. Collect customers’ information and feedback and use the compiled data to create a better customer experience.

Erica Bell is a small business writer who focuses on topics such as customer service call center software and social media trends. She is a web content writer for