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A couple months ago, I wrote a post called The 15 Senses of a Great Customer Experience. The last of the 15 senses that I wrote about was the sixth sense: It doesn’t hurt to be able to perceive those things that are not seen or immediately apparent. That intuition is something that will allow you to delight your customers.

What does that mean?

Let’s consider first what a “sixth sense” is. As we know, we have the five senses, but many believe that we also have a sixth sense, or the ability to see or perceive the unknown or the unseen. Merriam-Webster defines it as “a keen intuitive power.”

Why is that important to customer experience? I think there are three ways to look at this sixth sense. To learn what those three ways are and to find out more about each of them, please check out the post I wrote for In this first post in a two-part series, I address the first way that a sixth sense can impact the customer experience.

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