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What is customer experience? And how do we improve it?

Andrew Mounier of CMO Brain recently asked to interview me so he could pick my brain about customer experience, and I happily accepted. Any time someone wants to talk about customer experience – any opportunity to continue to spread the word about its importance – I’m up for it!

We talked via Skype, and you can view the interview on his site. Despite a cold and congestion (pardon the sniffles throughout!), it was a great chat.

 Andrew posed some great questions:

  • What is customer experience?
  • What are some of the first things that an organization can do to start mapping the customer journey?
  • What are some of the tools that people can use to understand their customers better? 
  • How does Touchpoint Dashboard actually help in the mapping process and what does it do?
  • Why should an organization map the customer journey?
  • If there was one piece of advice that you could give to the CMO Brain community, what would that be?

To hear the answers to these questions – and more – check out the interview on Andrew’s CMO Brain website. Let me know your thoughts…

And I dare you to ask Andrew to say “Touchpoint Dashboard” three times really fast!

When you’re trying to make an important decision, and you’re sort of divided on the issue, ask yourself: If the customer were here, what would she say? –Dharmesh Shah