Today’s post is a guest blog by Matthew Olszewski.

Strong customer service skills are a key element in the operation of every serious and successful business. Even small businesses that see an opportunity for additional earnings increasingly care about their customers and the level of service they receive.

Good customer service is good for business.

That very mentality begins to dominate over the desire for an immediate increase in profits, which often comes at the detriment of the customer. In addition, a growing number of businesses are starting to realize that lost customers don’t just equate to a loss of profits from one transaction today but also from all transactions that could a customer could make in the future.

Every business owner who wants a prominent position in the marketplace must treat the subject of customer service seriously. Competition in any industry is growing, and the possibility of acquiring new customers becomes increasingly limited. Therefore, companies wanting to survive increasingly seek to create a solid relationship with their customers – and end up competing on delivering excellent customer service.

The infographic to the left is a collection of the 10 most-important (in my opinion, based on my research) customer service skills:

– product knowledge
– attentiveness
– communication skills
– patience
– empathy
– honesty
– adaptability
– work ethic
– self control

What do you think of these 10? Do you have any others that you’d add to the list?