Are you into making customer experience predictions for next year?

Personally, I’m over predictions! Any predictions!

So let’s forget about predictions. They never seem to be right. They never seem to be executed. And they seem to be the same year over year.


I think we’re not getting enough traction yet with more-advanced, innovative CX work across the board because there are still so many newbies to this arena to turn those predictions into reality. In other words, the things that are being predicted are too advanced for the most basic, for those who are just getting started, which includes, well, a lot companies.

I think Seth Godin said it best in his recent post, Surefire Predictions.

Instead of predictions, let’s make some resolutions, instead. Predictions are things you think will happen (sometimes based on past data/performance/trends), but resolutions are different. Resolutions are a decision to do something. And if you write them down and put them out into the universe, you definitely need to be accountable for them.

So, let’s resolve to do something! Let’s resolve to improve the customer experience. What shall we list as our resolutions for 2016?

Will you resolve to do the following?

There are a lot of other resolutions that you could put out there, but this is a huge start. There’s lots to do, and you can’t really get do more until you get these basics down.

Let me know how you make out on these resolutions in 2016! Good luck!

Good resolutions are like babies crying in church. They should be carried out immediately. -Charles M. Sheldon