How will you and your company be celebrating CX Day this year?

CX Day is a celebration of customer experience professionals, those folks who work tirelessly to design and deliver a great customer experience to their customers. This day is meant to not only highlight the profession but also to continue to raise awareness of the importance of the customer experience.

CX Day is the brainchild of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA), the international non-profit organization created to guide and enhance the growing field of customer experience management. It occurs on the first Tuesday of October every year; however, this year, it’s been shifted to Wednesday because of the Jewish New Year. CX Day started in 2013, having received Congressional recognition that year, and we’re excited to continue the celebrations for the fourth time this year.

What happens on CX Day? A lot! Here’s just a brief snippet of what’s to come on October 5. Many of these are still in the works, so details are not yet posted on the CX Day site, but check back frequently for updates.

If you need resources to plan your day or to spread the word, the site offers those. And if you’d like to sponsor CX Day, there are still sponsorship opportunities available.

CXPA is five years old this year, and I can tell you there are a lot of great things to come in the future with the Association. I’ve been an active member of CXPA almost since day one. I’m an executive officer on the Board of Directors. I’m one of the team leads for SoCal CXPA Local Networking Events. I’ve been involved with planning the Insight Exchange for the last few years, co-hosted this year’s Insight Exchange, and will co-host next year’s, as well. I’m a CCXP, a CX Expert, and a Mentor. I’ve been involved with planning CX Day since 2013 and have been actively engaged in both online and offline events for it every year. And much, much more.

So you can see, as a customer experience professional, you have a lot of opportunities to volunteer within the Association to help spread the word about what we do and to get involved in planning events, learning from and sharing with other members, and more.

Get started planning your CX Day celebrations now. And if you haven’t joined the CXPA yet, take time to check out the benefits of membership, and definitely talk to other members about it. It’s great to be a part of a community that loves to share and that embraces the challenges others are having as their own – mainly because we are all having those same challenges!

If you’re not serving the customer, your job is to be serving someone who is. -Jan Carlzon