It was a busy year of interviews and podcasts to spread the word about my new book, Built to Win: Designing a Customer-Centric Culture That Drives Value For Your Business. I wrote this book mostly for company executives and leaders (including Board members – yes, culture must be important to your Board!), but it’s also for others who want to help executives and leaders understand what being customer-centric means, why it’s important, and how to build the business case for building a winning organization where the customer is at the heart of all you do. The point is to help the reader be inspired to act, to think different(ly), and to want to build a customer-centric organization that drives value for all constituents, not the least of which is the business itself.

Even though I list the podcasts on the book’s page on this site, if that’s not what you originally came to my site looking for, you might have missed them. I’m grateful to the podcast hosts and am thrilled to share our conversations here. Guaranteed that you’ll get a few solid nuggets out of each conversation!

Fitness + Technology podcast with Bryan O’Rourke: Understanding Customer Experience With Annette Franz

The Art of Customer Service podcast: How to Build a Customer-Centric Culture

Fireside Chats Without the Fires podcast: Built To Win, with Annette Franz

MarketCulture: Built to Win Book Launch Live Webinar with Annette Franz

Crack the Customer Code podcast: Annette Franz, Built to Win

All Things Considered CX with Bob Azman: Annette Franz, author, Built to Win

Amazing Business Radio with Shep Hyken: 10 Principles of Customer-Centricity – How Winning Organizations are Built

Relationships at Work: Building a People-First Culture at Work

SIMPLE Brand with Matt Lyles: Annette Franz – Built to Win: Designing a Customer-Centric Culture

Experience This! podcast with Dan Gingiss and Joey Coleman: Episode 158

Press 1 for Nick: Annette Franz, Author of Built to Win [Culture]

BOOST: Episode #2: EX Excellence

All About the Customer: How to Build a Company Culture That Puts the Customer at the Heart of Everything

LinkedIn Live (Rajat Chawla): Live with Annette

CX Pulse by NICE: Key Principles to Form a Customer-Centric Organization

Flip the Switch (EngageMint): How to Become Customer-Centric vs. Customer-Focused w/ Annette Franz

BestBookBits: Built to Win | Designing a Customer-Centric Culture | Annette Franz Interview

Focus on CX: Annette Franz Talks About Customer Experience (audio only or video)

Women in CX: Beyond Customer Journey Mapping: Effective CX Design

Cyber Security Matters: Customer Experience vs Customer Service (w/ Annette Franz, Founder and CEO of CX Journey Inc.)

Practically Genius: Culture and Getting the Customer Experience Right

StartupCX: Ep. 7 Talking CX with Annette Franz

Digitally Irresistible: Ep. 53 4 Steps to Improve the Customer Experience From the Inside Out

Verint: Verint Book Club Chat with Annette Franz

THE CX GOALKEEPER: Built to Win with Annette Franz – E87

RingCentral CX Book Club: Built to Win – A Customer-Centric Culture Starts With Your Employees

Sinch / CX Education Podcast: How a positive company culture helps improve customer experience

Spamming Zero: Episode 13: What The Heck Are You Doing If You Don’t Have An EX Strategy?

DoingCXRight: Building A Winning Customer-Centric Organization The Right Way

The Only One Business Show: S4e9 The People Before Profits Edition with Annette Franz

MasterClass CX: Customer Journey Mapping & Customer-Centric Mindset

Conversations That Matter: Developing A Customer-Centric Company – Annette Franz

Origins & Journeys: Origins & Journeys – Ep6 – with Annette Franz

Humans of CX: Customer Understanding: The Cornerstone of a Customer-Centric Organization with Annette Franz

The Contact Center Coach: Interview with Annette Franz

To close this one out, I’ll share one of my favorite quotes from the book:

Faced with the choice between changing one’s mind and proving that there is no need to do so, almost everyone gets busy on the proof. ~ John Kenneth Galbraith, Professor of Economics, Harvard University

Annette Franz is an internationally recognized customer experience thought leader, coach, speaker, and author. In 2019, she published her first book, Customer Understanding: Three Ways to Put the “Customer” in Customer Experience (and at the Heart of Your Business); it’s available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats. In 2022, she published her second book, Built to Win: Designing a Customer-Centric Culture That Drives Value for Your Business (Advantage|ForbesBooks), which is now available to purchase on Amazon, Books A Million!, Target, Barnes & Noble, and thousands of other outlets around the world! Sign up for our newsletter for updates, insights, and other great content that you can use to up your CX game.