CX Journey Inc. is a customer experience strategy consulting firm that specializes in laying the groundwork required to establish a CX roadmap and strategy that will drive your culture transformation efforts and ensure that the customer is at the center of all you do. We offer a variety of services, including coaching, consulting, workshops, speaking, and thought leadership/content.

We believe that customer experience is a journey, a never-ending journey. Once you’ve designed the best experience for customers today, their needs change, their expectations evolve, customers change, etc. You’ll need to think about the experience today and listen for – and anticipate – what lies ahead. You must always strive to deliver a great customer experience, not only at a single touchpoint but also – especially – along the entire journey.

We also believe that (1) culture is the foundation of your business, and culture transformation is the root of CX strategy success; (2) the employee experience cannot be an afterthought, rather, employees must come first; and (3) understanding along the journey is key to developing a strategy that allows employees, customers, and businesses to achieve their desired outcomes.

Our mission is to help companies put the “customer” in customer experience.

We are based in Orange County, CA, and serve clients around the globe.


Annette Franz, CCXP is founder and CEO of CX Journey Inc. She’s got almost 30 years of experience (both client side and vendor side) helping companies understand their employees and customers and identify what drives retention, satisfaction, engagement, and the overall experience – so that employees, customers, and businesses reap the benefits and achieve their desired outcomes.

She recently wrote the book on customer understanding! She’s the author of Customer Understanding: Three Ways to Put the “Customer” in Customer Experience (and at the Heart of the Business). You can buy it on Amazon in paperback or Kindle formats!

Annette was named one of “The 100 Most Influential Tech Women on Twitter” by Business Insider and is regularly recognized by companies around the world as a top influencer in Customer Experience. Some of that recognition is listed below, with a full list on her LinkedIn profile.

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Annette serves as Immediate Past Chair of the Board of Directors for the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA), coaches other professionals in this field to help them advance their careers and succeed in their current roles, and is a speaker and an avid writer; you can find her work not only on her own blog but also on Forbes, Business2Community, CustomerThink, Quality Digest, APICS Magazine, TechTarget, and more. She is a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP).

She is also an official member of the Forbes Coaches Council, an invitation-only community for successful business and career coaches. Members are selected based on their depth and diversity of experience.

And, finally, she is an Advisory Board member for CX@UCI.