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Customer-centric companies put the customer at the center of all they do; they ensure that they make no decisions without first thinking of the customer and the impact that decision has on the customer. The customer is infused into everything they do. 

Annette Franz refers to this as putting the “customer” in customer experience, which means that companies are taking the time to understand their customers and then using that understanding to design a better experience for them. Too often, companies believe they know what’s best for the customer and design an experience based on inside-out thinking, only to end up with customer frustration and dissatisfaction. Why? Because they really haven’t put the customer into the experience (design) at all.

But what does it take to ensure that the entire company adopts this mindset, this culture? In Built to Win, learn about the ten critical principles that form the foundation for building such a culture. Build the business with these principles in mind, and you will build to win. Win for the customer, win for the business.



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