Let’s work together to put the “customer” in customer experience – and at the heart of your business!

Annette works with clients in either a consulting or a coaching/advisory role. Her goal is to work in partnership with you to transfer the knowledge and the skills required to achieve your goals. She is more than happy to conduct workshops for you, during which she will ultimately teach you the skills you’ll need on this journey, to do the work in perpetuity on your own.


  • CX Roadmap and Strategy Development, outlining the approach to your transformation journey. It takes into account all of the building blocks of a successful customer experience strategy (shown below).
  • This work includes a five-stage approach (listen to this podcast for more details) that covers:
    • Foundational and baseline assessment
    • Executive commitment and alignment
    • Culture, core values, customer-centricity
    • Governance structure design and training
    • Employee and customer understanding
    • Future state design
    • Implementation and alignment
    • Monitoring and reassessment
  • Employee and Customer Understanding Services, because you cannot transform something you don’t understand; once we understand the current state, we can then redesign to a future state:
    • VoC program assessment: Identify where your program stands today, what’s on track, and where there are gaps. Used to create your VoC program roadmap.
    • VoC program design: Ranges from survey (and other listening posts) design through closing the loop and action planning
    • Customer understanding: persona development, current and future state journey mapping and service blueprinting, touchpoint mapping, feedback mapping
    • Similar services provided to facilitate understanding for employees and other constituents.


    • Culture Assessment Services, to gauge the organization’s readiness for a CX transformation and to build out a transformation roadmap:
      • Current state assessment (internal): Used to get a read on where the organization stands today on various foundational CX attributes and understand where the organization is currently lacking (or not) in terms of the elements required for a successful customer experience/culture transformation.
      • Stakeholder interviews: 1:1 interviews with key stakeholders (eStaff, LOB leaders, international leaders, etc.) will provide important insights to the organization and its readiness to evolve.
      • Employee CX assessment: Used to assess what employees know and don’t know about customers, the customer experience, and how they impact it or contribute to it.
    • CX Audit, to assess the work you’re doing and the progress you’ve made on your transformation journey, providing you with a third-party evaluation and recommendations for moving forward or reinvigorating your efforts; we’ll evaluate several areas, including:
      • Your roadmap and strategy (and the various components thereof)
      • Where you are relative to when you started
      • Steps you’ve taken and progress you’ve made toward achieving your desired outcomes
      • Success metrics and how you’re tracking them along the way

    Customer Experience Strategy Approach

    Outlined in the graphic to the left are the building blocks of your customer experience strategy.

    Important to this strategy are the foundational elements: if you don’t have these in place, the rest of the blocks will crumble.

    Annette’s approach is to ensure that you have the foundation in place for a successful transformation.