Are you ready to transform your culture to one that is people-centric (employees, customers, partners, vendors, etc.) and puts people before profits (which are an outcome of putting people first)?

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CX executives and professionals
Need a coach or consultant who won’t just helicopter in with a canned approach and expect you to figure out what to do? You’ve come to the right place! 

Speaking/event planner inquiries
Looking for an energetic speaker to educate and motivate your audience to think different, to think employees and customers first? She’ll customize a presentation for your audience – and speak in person or virtually.

Marketing professionals
Looking for thought leadership content via blog posts, white papers, eBooks, or webinars? Check out the Resources page for examples of Annette’s work, then drop her a line. Are you developing an influencer program and looking for paid influencers? Let’s talk.

Media inquiries
Need a quote for an article or a guest for a podcast? Annette loves spreading the word about customer experience, employee experience, culture, and leadership. Happy to help!