Let’s work together to customize your workshops, which can be done either in person or virtually.

The goal of journey mapping and service blueprint workshops is to ensure that your maps become the catalyst for change that they are meant to be. Read this post for a high-level overview of my approach. Journey mapping is a powerful tool and process to help you put the customer into customer experience.

  • Current state journey mapping workshops: I’ll design and facilitate current state journey mapping workshops and/or teach you and your teams how to journey map the current state experience.
  • Service blueprint workshops: You can’t fix what’s happening on the outside (for the customer) if you don’t fix what’s happening on the inside. I’ll design and facilitate service blueprint workshops that correspond to the journeys you’ve mapped in the current state mapping workshops.
  • Future state journey mapping workshops: In these workshops, I’ll facilitate ideation sessions and future state mapping in order to design the customer (or employee) experience of tomorrow.

Remember that journey mapping helps you understand the experience of your employees, customers, vendors, or other constituents. Similar services are provided to facilitate co-creating the experience for employees and other constituents.

Additional workshop offerings include:

  • Touchpoint mapping workshops: Don’t confuse these with journey maps! In touchpoint mapping, I capture and inventory all the ways in which your brand touches the customer and vice versa. They are often the starting point for feedback maps. And they are often quite eye opening! Most brands have no idea all the different ways they touch customers.
  • Feedback mapping workshops: It’s important to remember that surveys are part of the customer experience, too. How many different times and ways are you asking customers for feedback? Do you even know who in your organization is listening to customers? In feedback mapping, I capture and inventory all the ways in which your brand gathers feedback from customers, as well as the breadcrumbs of data customers leave behind, along the entire customer lifecycle.
  • Root cause analysis and action planning workshops: Two critical steps between problem identification and new experience implementation are root cause analysis and action planning. Many companies get hung up during both of these steps. Let me facilitate your root cause analysis and action planning and/or teach you and your teams how to do these yourselves.
  • Voice of the customer workshops: Feedback, data, and metrics are important to understanding your customers, and they must be integrated into your journey mapping work. Let’s make sure you design your listening program so that it ties in nicely with your journey mapping work, and vice versa.
  • Governance structure workshops: In these workshops, learn how to set up your governance structure – both the committees and the operating model – as well as how to train governance committee members on their roles and responsibilities.

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